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Inshorts Signed the MOU wiht the Korea Animation Producers Association for the provision of Animation 4K Upscaling Solution.


Chang-hwan Shin, chairman of the Korea Animation Producers Association(left), and Lee Kun-chang, CEO of Inshorts Co., Ltd.(right), are signing a memorandum of understanding.

- Inshorts provides AI 4K upscale solution       for KAPA member animation productions.

- Inshorts is continuously upgrading
   world top-tier SOTA(State-of-the-Art)
   AI model.

- Anticipation of Active Utilization of
  'Correct Answer Generative AI'
   in the Content Industry.


Inshorts Co., Ltd. (CEO Kun-chang Lee) and the Korea Animation Producers Association (Chairman Chang-hwan Shin) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on December 8, 2023 to supply Inshorts' AI video upscaling technology, "AI Super-Scaling," to members of the Korea Animation Producers Association.

As a result of this MOU, the 110 member companies of the Korea Animation Producers Association will be able to receive free AI upscaling of pilot videos that are created to showcase the concept and characteristics of their projects. They will also be able to receive upscaling services for animation series and theatrical films at member-only prices.

Inshorts CEO Lee Kun-chang said, "I expect that Korean animation producers will use computer vision solutions to create improved quality original videos through this MOU." He continued, "The solution that Inshots is developing is a generative AI that can provide answers that meet the needs of the content production field. As an AI startup specializing in video content, we will expand our service area so that all video content producers, including animation, advertising videos, and live-action, can utilize the AI Superscaling solution."

Meanwhile, Inshorts' AI video upscaling solution is based on the world's top-tier (SOTA State-Of-The-Art) model, which was officially announced at CVPR, the world's leading computer vision conference, in June, 2023. The Super-Scaling solution is an AI solution that creates an “enhanced original” of premium videos by applying data and learning methodologies specialized in 4K quality in the content and advertising fields. It shows differentiated results from upscaling models released on the market.

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