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A Whole New AI Digital Product Placement

AI digital product placement innovation
for a more creative and effective brand advertising strategy.

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Film, Series

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3 Simple Steps!
End-to-End Digital Product Placement

Digital Content

01. Right Content and  Scene Proposal

During the campaign week,
expose your products in premium content
to enhance advertising effectiveness!

01. Product placement in content selected
       for your advertising product.

02. Analyzing product placement advertising performance
       during the marketing campaign period
       enables the formulation of effective strategies
       for sales increase.

02. Insert
Advertising Product

World-leading AI technology

We guarantee the highest level of hyper-realism,
to the point where AI-inserted products and filmed products
are indistinguishable.

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03. Content Release/Launch

Propose premium content(Film, Series) and
YouTube channel scenes suitable for
advertising boards.

Insert product seamlessly
into confirmed advertising board(video scene)
for product placement.

Release/launch the product-integrated content
during the advertiser's campaign period.

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