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"Inshorts" Opens the Era of AI Digital Product PlacementSolution in Korea


AI startup ‘Inshorts (CEO Lee Geon-chang)’ announced on the 19th that it introduced Korea’s first AI digital product placement (PPL) technology in the recently concluded tvN drama ‘Maestra’ starring Lee Young-ae. This is the first time that an AI solution has been applied to indirect advertising before the main broadcast in a domestic drama.

This time, the PPL (photo) of Samsung's 'Bespoke Rug' and 'Wakti SW19 Hand Cream' applied to 'Maestra' is based on Inshort's super 'seamless product placement' pipeline, a solution of the same name developed by Inshort. It was inserted onto the filmed transcript two weeks before it aired. This has reduced the time lag for drama indirect advertising, which took 5 months to over a year with the existing method.

Yoon Seong-hye, director of Wakti SW19 Marketing Communication Group, who carried out this advertisement, said, “As the pre-production of dramas has increased, the progress of new product PPL has become very limited, and the in-shorts PPL solution appears to be a good alternative.”

Lee Geon-chang, CEO of InShorts, said, “InShorts is a digital indirect advertising platform that resolves the discrepancy between content airing time and brand marketing schedule and provides a diverse line-up of affiliated content according to the time desired by advertisers.” He added, “We will continue to innovate our business in the future. “Technological innovation will create a new combination of brand and content.”

Chang-hwan Shin, chairman of the Korea Animation Producers Association(left), and Lee Kun-chang, CEO of Inshorts Co., Ltd.(right), are signing a memorandum of understanding.

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